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15 Guidelines for Better Parenting 

by Dave Kovar- founder of Kovars Martial Arts

If you're a parent you know the challenges in motivating and instilling good habits in children. Dave Kovar’s experience teaching over 30,000 students, as well as, his own journey through fatherhood gives him a unique perspective. In this ebook Dave shares 15 principles for parents in 15 humorous and insightful stories with actionable strategies that can be added to any parenting toolbox!

Parent Like a Champ!

The most important role you will ever have is that of a “Parent”. Parenting can be extremely rewarding, but it also has its challenges, and with the current COVID19 crisis it has become even harder for most people. When you download Dave Kovar's 15 Guidelines to Better Parenting you'll learn great tools like the ones below.

Set boundaries and stick to them
Children like to know where the boundaries are, even when they complain about them. Boundaries make them feel safe.

Praise in public, but reprimand in private
Don’t miss any opportunity to let your child know he did a great job. Rewarding him in the moment is the way to encourage his great attitude and excellent effort.

Inspire your child to greatness
Your belief in your child’s potential is very powerful. As parents, we need to know and believe that our children have the ability to succeed.

It takes a Dojo to raise a child.

The saying, "it takes a village to raise a child," is often a wishful notion to many families today where neighborhoods and communities don't function the way they used to. Instead of openness we live with safety concerns and tend to isolate. The truth is. we still need outside influences and role models for our kids and we strongly recommend martial arts for every child. It has a built in mentoring system from master to instructor down to senior and then junior students. Secondly we take personal safety to the nth degree. All of our staff are background checked and many have grown up themselves in the dojo where martial arts concepts of respect and integrity are the pillars they live by.

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